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Planning – Application Constraints

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166466HH | Part first floor rear extension | 45 Daryngton Drive Greenford Middlesex UB6 8BQ
Name Constraint Type Status
Ward Name: Greenford Green Ward Code: GG Ward Not Available
Name: Cayton Road Playing Field (part), Greenford Comments: Description: Community Open Space Community Open Space Not Available
Constraint: All buildings, structures, erections and works exceeding 90 metres in height (295.3 feet) Location: LBE area affected by Heathrow Airport development constraints Description: Obstruction & Birdstrike Safeguarding Map Heathrow Safeguarding Area Not Available
Constraint: All applications for Wind Turbine Development: all Ealing affected Location: Paper map from UK CAA (with Chris Hall) Description: London Heathrow Airport Wind Turbine Developments Heathrow Wind Safeguarding Area Not Available
Name: The MoD must be consulted on all proposals for development over this height within this Safeguarding Area Description: Chenies Safeguarding Area MOD Safeguard Area Not Available
Association: Greenford Residential Group for the Environment Contact: Residents Association Contact: Noel Keating Web: Residents Association Not Available

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