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177284FUL | Demolition of existing buildings and development of 3 blocks of between 3 and 7 stories, comprising a total of 283 studio 1, 2, 3 bed flats, ground floor retail/ non-residential institute/ Assembly and Leisure (Class A1 and flexible Class A1 / A2 / A3 / D1 / D2) and commercial (Class B1) units; with vehicle access from adelaide road, servicing, car and cycle parking, refuse storage, landscaping, public and private amenity space and village square open space. | 75-117 Boston Road Hanwell London W7 3SA
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Mr John Banks 88 boston gds. brentford london tw89lp (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 21 Mar 2018

This development is too large and not in keeping with the local area.Nowhere near enough parking spaces,where will all the cars of residents be parked?A great strain on the local infrastructure,i.e. sewage disposal,(are they laying larger main sewers?)Also,where will all the children go to school,there is not enough spaces available now for current levels.There is not enough doctors surgeries to facilitate the current numbers of residents in the area. Overcrowding will be created.

Mrs Ann Molloy 1 George Street Hanwell W7 3TA (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Feb 2018

- Affect local ecology
- Close to adjoining properties
- Conflict with local plan
- Development too high
- General dislike of proposal
- Inadequate access
- Inadequate parking provision
- More open space needed on development
- Out of keeping with character of area
- Over development
Comment:inappropriate level and type of occupation resulting in
a. A detrimental impact on the residential amenities of neighbouring properties in the
application street and abutting the application site
b. A negative visual impact out of keeping and detrimental to the character of the area.
c. Piecemeal and poor provision of landscaping and amenity space to the detriment of the
character and pattern of development of the area
As such the proposed development would be contrary to Policy 3.5 Quality and Design of
Housing Developments, Policy 7.1 (Lifetime Neighbourhoods), Policy 7.4 (Local Character), Policy
7.6 (Architecture) of 'The London Plan', Policy 3.5 - Ealing Local Variation - Quality and Design of
Housing Developments, Policy 7A Ealing Local Policy - Amenity, Policy 7.4 Ealing Local Variation
Local Character, Policy 7.4 Ealing Local Variation - Local Character, Policy 7B Ealing Local Policy
Design Amenity and Policy 7D - Open Space"
This development is out of keeing with the area and no thought given to the existing surrounding residents again.

Mr William Barrett 53a Station Road Hanwell London W7 3JD (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 21 Jan 2018

This development is too vast. Housing crisis or no, 283 units is far too dense, so quality of living will be poor for residents in such small flats. The total number of units needs to be reduced, and the units need to be both affordable and decently-sized. The development is also too high and does not fit in with the area.

Mr Damian Kowalski 51 Station Road London W7 3JD (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 18 Jan 2018

Not happy with depth of plans impact analysis on local area

Mr Adrian Rutter 70 Studley Grange Road Hanwell London W72LX (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

The proposed development is too big in every way. My personal preference is for brown field development but this project is out of context and out of scale. Local infrastructure will not be able to handle the size of the project, and it's physical size will be hugely detrimental to the character of neighbourhood.

Please look again at the proposed plans and find something more appropriate

Mr Raj Powar 8 George Street Hanwell W7 3TA (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

I strongly object to the proposal because of its harmful impact to the residential amenity (loss of light, overshadowing, loss of privacy) of neighbouring properties, its overbearing height, scale and massing, the woeful lack of parking provision, the inadequate and circuitous access around the one way system, the extremely high residential density, the poor design which is out of keeping with the local architectural vernacular, the closeness of the proposed buildings to adjacent properties.

Miss Mary Byrne 21 Edinburgh road Hanwell Ealing W7 3JY (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

This proposal does not fit in with the other properties and will stand out like a sore thumb. There is already far too much congestion on Boston road from Wicks to the roundabout and traffic speeds along there not sure how the road could handle any further congestion without making it hazardous and dangerous. The local bus provision is inadequate currently therefore could not accommodate any more people especially in peak hours. Rubbish and fly tipping is high in this area and further lorries collecting rubbish will congest and slow down travel. Local schools and doctors, hospital is not adequate to suit the further needs of the proposed amount of residents. I strongly object to this development.

Mrs Darshan Kaur 1, Adelaide Cottages Boston road London W7 3SA (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

I am extremely disappointed that as a local and neighbour for the proposed planning of a high rise building no information was given or information was not sent to us. I completely oppose the idea. It will increase traffic flow on an already very busy Boston Road. The build will lead to loss of privacy for many living around the area and loss of light. There aren't any high rise buildings in Hanwell and that is what so many locals love about it! I really hope we can make a difference by opposing the build.

Ms Neelam Nijjar 1, Adelaide Cottages Boston Road London W7 3SA (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Jan 2018

I have lived in Hanwell my whole life and have supported exciting developements but I do not agree with the new proposal. It's positioning by the one way system of the road will increase traffic flow when it is already very congested. Living at Adelaide Cottages means it will affect the noise, privacy and light we have. I do not support the high rise build.

Miss Priscilla Hilton-Jones 63a Station Road, Hanwell London W7 3JD (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 16 Jan 2018

I strongly object to this planning application. It is out of keeping with the character of Hanwell-too high and too dense.
There is insufficient parking provision and no consideration for increased pressure that will be imposed on local schools,doctors ,hospital,public transport etc.

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