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178020CRSA | Revised design of station building, canopy and forecourt; Revised lift shaft and Platforms 2/3; widening of approved canopies on Platforms 2/3 and 4; Revised design of footbridge and staircases; alterations to approved materials and revised lift shafts on Platforms 4/5 (Application under Schedule 7 to the Crossrail Act 2008) | Ealing Broadway Station New Ealing Broadway Ealing W5 2NU
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Mr Peter Mynors 25 Hillcroft Crescent London W5 2SG (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 28 Dec 2017

(copy of letter emailed to you on 29 November 2017)
Ealing Cycling Campaign note from the latest plans that the proposed lift to platforms 2-3 is no longer shown as a walk-through lift. No dimensions are shown but it appears no larger than was shown on the previous plans, which showed an unacceptably small lift. The change in door arrangement will result in a lower capacity lift.

As set out on the sheet attached to our emailed letter of 29 November 2017, the lift arrangements proposed do not conform to TfL's current requirements which have been in place for 3 years now. We ask Ealing Council to take a stand and require Crossrail to provide at least one lift of minimum size 2.3m to both platforms 2/3 and 4.

It is inexcusable that a flagship scheme of this nature cannot meet minimum standards.

Mr Laurence Read 27 Mount Park Road London W5 2RS (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 08 Dec 2017

Ealing Broadway Station occupies a key site that dominates the Haven Green Conservation Area, both visually and in terms of the activity that it generates. In particular, a part of the new station forecourt will lie within the Conservation Area, and adjacent to the historically significant and locally listed District Line Station (now in retail use). In recognition of Ealing Broadway Station's significance, the CA appraisal affirms that 'The Council will do its utmost to ensure that any proposal ... will result in a high quality regeneration of this section of the CA that would support and augment the existing values of central Ealing with respect to its local character and architectural heritage.'

For this reason, The Haven Green Conservation Panel has tried to understand exactly what the current proposals will entail, and what implications they will have for the character of the CA. Various changes to the plans approved by the Council in 2014 seem to be envisaged, but we are deeply concerned that very little effort has been made by Crossrail to describe them - either in the Design and Access Statement or through the presentation of detailed elevations.

The NPPF requires that 'In determining applications, local planning authorities should require an applicant to describe the significance of any heritage assets affected, including any contribution made by their setting. The level of detail should be proportionate to the assets' importance and no more than is sufficient to understand the potential impact of the proposal on their significance. As a minimum, the relevant historic environment record should have been consulted and the heritage assets assessed using appropriate expertise where necessary.'

The Panel therefore requests that Crossrail be required to submit such a description to enable the Council and stakeholders like our Panel understand the proposals properly.

Laurence Read

Mr Richard Chilton 30 The Park Ealing London W5 5NL (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 03 Dec 2017

This objection is made on behalf of Save Ealing's Centre

Lack of visuals
There are no visuals provided with the application. These are needed to better understand the plans and the changes, plus understand the visual impact. The colour scheme is also almost impossible to understand without them.

Extra glazing and wider entrance doors
These seem to both improve access to the station and create a lighter and more pleasing environment. We approve of these changes.

Lifts to Platform 4
The dimensions of these are unclear from the documents provided. From separate communications from Crossrail Ltd., these are thought to each be 1.6m long and 1.6m wide. The dimensions need to be made clear in the documentation, especially as they seem to involve some change from the previously approved Schedule 7 plan. Assuming these figures are correct, we object on the basis that they are not at least 2.3m long as required in the current TfL standards. Without this increase, their capacity will be seriously limited if there is a wheelchair or bike in them. The plans provided don't show any obstructions presenting such an increase in length.

Lift to Platforms 2/3
This has been moved nearer to the entrance to the station and to the gateline. Previously it could have been a bit of an obstruction to people getting to and from the stairs to platforms 2 and 3, so this change is supported. The documentation provided in the application says that the lift has been increased in size from 1.6m x 1.6m to 1.6m x 2.0m to cope with greater passenger numbers. However, separate communication from Crossrail Ltd. says that it was already 1.6m x 2.0m in the 2014 Schedule application. The previously approved Schedule 7 plans also show a difference between the length and width of this lift.

The 2014 plans also had it as a "straight through" lift with people entering at one side and exiting at the other. On the new plans, the door is just at one side. This will mean that people in wheelchairs, with buggies or with bikes will have to back in or back out, and there will be some interesting manoeuvres for people with heavy luggage. This will decrease the effective capacity of the lift, rather than increase it as the new documents suggest.

As with the lifts to platform 4, the length needs to be increased to 2.3m. The plans show no obvious obstructions preventing this. A "straight through" arrangement could also be achieved by having the door at platform level on the western side. (A better arrangement would be to have the door at concourse level on the western side and leave the door at platform level on the eastern side, although this would involve some extra changes at the concourse level.)

Platform canopies
The extension to the canopies compared to the 2014 plan is welcomed. However, there is already crowding on platform 4 at busy times and further extension of the canopy there is needed.

Mr Martin Gorst 112 Salisbury Road Ealing W13 9TT (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 30 Nov 2017

The lift sizes appear smaller than in the previous planning application. In the following drawing, dated 11 November 2013, the lifts on all platforms are shown to be at least 2m long.
In the new drawing they appear to be 1.6 metres long. This is not long enough to carry a standard bicycle which can be 1.8 metres long. The new small lifts provide insufficient access at a busy station, and ideally the design should return to the original one with lifts longer than 2 metres.
The original design with doors on both sides of the lifts also made it easier for people with bicycles and wheelchairs to exit the lifts, and is preferred.

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