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183106LBC | Demolition of single storey rear extension on northern elevation; demolition of single storey side extension on western elevation; partial demolition of internal walls on ground floor; refurbishment works to external fašade and internal refurbishment works; and the construction of a part fourteen storey and part fifteen storey building within the curtilage of the listed former White Hart Public House to redevelop the site as a 162-bedroom hotel with associated parking and landscaping (Listed Building Consent) | The White Hart Ruislip Road Northolt Middlesex UB5 5AX
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Ms Jo Winters Ealing Civic Society 28 Ranelagh Road Ealing LONDON W5 5RJ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 19 Nov 2018

Ealing Civic Society objects to this application. The bulk, massing and design of the proposed hotel building would have an overbearing effect on the listed building immediately adjacent/below it. We are surprised that the Council's planning officers, in their pre-planning advice discussions, appear to have facilitated this proposed design in the curtilage of a listed building. The design would have a dramatically detrimental effect upon the listed building's setting and should be rejected in its entirety.

Mr Ali Khandakar 59 Makepeace Road Northolt UB5 5UF (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 04 Nov 2018

I fully support this redevelopment. The project will kick-start regeneration in Northolt West End, which I feel has been overlooked for many years. It will provide jobs for locals, increase visitors and would undoubtedly lead to further investment within the area.

Mrs Carol Baranowski 9 Perry Garth Northolt Ub5 5lj (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 02 Nov 2018

We the fast approaching opening of a Lidl store close to the proposed planning site and other places that hold large public gatherings in the imeadiate area the current roads will be unable to cope with the additional traffic that an application like this would require causing further traffic to use the residential roads to avoid the congestion. The area is already heavily congested both in and out of rush hour and the addition of the proposal will only make the situation worse which would be unfair on the local community that have to live with the noise and air pollution.

Miss Lisa Baranowski 50 Bengarth road Northolt Ub55lj (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 01 Nov 2018

As a local i think the traffic around Northolt from white hart to target is all ready bad enough some times it takes me 15 mins to just get to my home from white hart on a non traffic day it would only take roughly 4mins so to build a hotel I don't believe or think it's a good idea for traffic or for the locals! Instead of looking at the development during a non rush hour time you should really look in to the hours between 8am-9am also between 5pm-7:30pm it's ridiculous a hotel will only bring more people more cars more traffic not even busses can get anywhere because of the white hart roundabout is so blocked! Ruislip road church round Yeading Lane all suffer as it is to build a hotel in the middle of them is gonna make everything a whole lot worse and harder for locals to get to their homes!

Miss Donna Baranowski 9 Perry Garth Northolt UB55JZ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 31 Oct 2018

As a local resident who lives next to Limetree Park I totally object to this proposal. I already believe the traffic around this particular part of Northolt is terrible and do not know how this area will cope to also have a hotel which at full capacity could have all of this extra traffic of drivers or taxis dropping off passengers. This area already has cars flying through limetree estate to cut out the traffic on Church Road. I believe this through traffic will only increase and I think it's a matter of time before a young child is knocked down by a car. The road being used as a cut through runs along side a park. I live near this park and if I am trying to get out of my estate back to the Ruislip Road I can sit at the end of Thorndike Avenue and wait for around 15 cars to pass through the estate before I can get out. I can imagine that these cars to not live here but are trying to cut out the traffic of the roundabout and Church Road. I also cannot understand how this built up area has any need for a hotel unless it is going to be used as a means to house local residents who are in need of social housing but do not stand a chance of getting anything because of the already over populated borough that we live in. I can only see that this new proposed hotel is going to lead to an increase in crime of the area, drugs and or prostitution. This is not what is needed.

Mr Mark kencroft 33 Attewood road Northolt UB5 5SJ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 16 Oct 2018

I would like to object to this planning application for the increase of traffic on the already busy roads ,church road is already gridlock during rush hours and weekend afternoons ,this application wouldn't benefit the local community at all and would be an eye sore on the landscape
and just cause more traffic which no one needs .

Mrs Louise Prince 23 Poplar Court Old Ruislip Road Northolt UB5 6QG (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 14 Oct 2018

This proposed development would cause immense disruption to the local community. The local roads cannot take any more strain as it is, and to add construction traffic would just be a disaster. The access to the site is too small for construction traffic; the roads around are used for school traffic so it would also cause an additional danger for children getting to/from school during construction. The additional traffic and construction noise would affect a great number of properties locally. Once constructed, the 14/15 storey building would dominate the local area, restricting light to a number of local properties, and being visible from too far away. It is not in keeping worth the local area. There is no local need for a hotel in the area, it would not benefit local people. With the additional traffic already about to be generated through the new Lidl store opposite, the area would not be able to cope. There would be an increase in slow-moving/stationary traffic adding greatly to the already polluted atmosphere in the area. Increased traffic fumes have a detrimental effect on health. There is insufficient parking to support the number of bedrooms, so the local area would suffer more from non-local parked vehicles clogging the roads.

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