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183238FUL | Construction of part single, part two and part four-storey building for use as a 6.5 Form Entry Secondary School (1,330 pupils) to east of site; installation of multi-use games area; vehicle access widening on Park View Road; and associated refuse and cycle parking storage, hardstanding and boundary treatment works | Part Of The Former Barclays Sports Ground Park View Road Ealing W5 2JF
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Ms Sarah Bernard 1b Cleveley Crescent Ealing ealing w5 2dz (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Oct 2018

There are concerns on the unsuitable location of this school.
Living near Hanger lane it is very congested as it is.

I am no expert but the proposed site seems overdeveloped
Dangerous and not environmentally friendly location
Increased Pollution levels
Increased Congestion
Proximity to other schools in such a small radius and how the students are getting to and from the school -
It seems parents of encouraged to support this application via email as I was passed an email via a link.

I went to St Augustine's the Headmistress at the time had to ask parents to petition the council to have a zebra crossing put on Hiillcrest road - it was such a dangerous road so near to the north circular . As a 100 yr old school it's grown up with the increase of traffic and we were lucky to enjoy 10 acres of land for the 500 pupils.

From what I understand this new school will have approx 2 acres for its 1330 pupils ( not including staff)

Its been squeezed on to the worst part of the site - with very little land value. Instead they are being transported to Gunnersbury Park by coach - for their sport lessons promoting more congestion and pollution.

Is this going to be another girls school as the Name and the netball courts suggests - Are there that many more girls than boys Ealing, surely not ?

What do the other schools think in the area - have they been allowed to comment ?

Mrs Alexandra Sibley 55 Woodfield Crescent Ealing London W5 1PB (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 17 Oct 2018

I whole heartedly support the application to build the Ada Lovelace school on the old Barclays playing fields. This school will support growing families in the area where at the moment there are only private school options for educating our children at secondary level. (or travelling great distances to find a suitable state funded school).
The grounds being developed have stood empty for a long period of time and are shouting out for something which is beneficial to the wider community - this school does just that.

Mrs Finola Kendall 12 Whiteledges London W13 8JB (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Tue 16 Oct 2018

The proposed location for the Ada Lovelace High School seems to be an ideal site to locate a school, as it will be built on part of the former Barclays Sports Ground, which has been left empty for many years. The site is easily accessible by foot and there are good local transport links.

I notice on the plans that there are several entrances to the school, which will dissipate the congestion at peek times.

The entrance criteria for the school is geographically based, meaning that the vast majority of children attending the school will walk or cycle, so the concerns regarding increased road traffic are in my view exaggerated.

I believe the design of the building is sympathetic to the local environment and that every consideration has been given to maintaining the look and feel of the surrounding area. The design is of high quality, is not over-developed, and brings vacant land back into beneficial public use.

It seems to me that it is inevitable that something will be built on the land in the near future so why not a much needed school?

I note that a lot of the Objectors to the application are concerned about pollution levels in the school. I sympathies with these concerns but I am sure that best practice guidance will be followed.
There is after all an independent school (St Augustines) a few hundred yards from the proposed site and with the same proximity to the main road.

Lastly, The Twyford Academies Trust of schools has developed a strong reputation for excellence in the education of its pupils and highly skilled management of its schools.

They have a good association with the borough of Ealing, the Trust is sensitive and aware to the needs of the community as a whole.

I respectfully urge the planning committee to grant consent, for the much needed, Ada Lovelace High School and support the education of children within their local community.

Ms Lucy Worrall 30 Bradley Gardens London W13 8HF (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 15 Oct 2018

I fully support this plan.

Mr L Roberts 24 Chatfield close Ealing W5 2jd (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 15 Oct 2018

The location of this massive 1330 pupil school is on the backs of residents gardens at the bottom of a contaminated site - prone to flooding and within meters of residents gardens and north circular road.

IT is going to have an ongoing negative effect on the residents and will change the future of this residential area.  

The so called Community Use is not defined and is totally inappropriate for the location as there are less than 10 parking spaces and the use of any flood lighting will cause grade 1 light and noise pollution annd will effect us . We will not be able to sit in our gardens with the noise at anytime.  The developers know this and so do the school but have been economical with the truth.  It will have a massive impact on these residential roads and people who live and work from home.

The Planning for Schools document is 2015 already out of date - The BREXIT Referendum has resulted in many EU migrants leaving the UK - and this is true in Ealing .  
What provision has been put in place to extend existing schools?

Ealing Fields School will also be opening providing a significant number of school places

Why does the central of Ealing have to suffer and provide places for those in outside boroughs which will happen ?

Who is benefiting?

Tragically the site everyone is thinking of will not be used for the School or for the W5 residents -

The proposed site at the bottom of the hill is completely  overdeveloped and will plague a congested junction  with more traffic and ongoing issues with residents who will be over looked by a  4 storey building placed in the fringes of one of Ea ling's oldest conservation area.

PARK VIEW INTERNATIONAL ARE OFF SHORE AND  has leased the site to the school for a number of years paid by for by the council.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEED FUTURE  and this MOL will be lost.

The school (if you say) will have 1 mile catchment radius will only attach the children who already attend the various private schools in the are and do actually live in this catchment area in the surrounding roads. 

The sad thing is The Church of England  Dioceses  know this and are in direct competition .

Mrs Jennifer Lipscombe 28 Highfield Road West Acton London W3 0AL (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 14 Oct 2018

I'm delighted that there is a new secondary school being built in the area as currently this part of Ealing is very short of schools. There's a real black hole of secondary schools in this part of North Ealing/West Acton - the existing options are either single sex or faith based.

I don't believe the proposed location is used for anything at the moment and it will make a wonderful school location, with the large playing fields available.

Miss Marianne Kujanpaa Flat 28, Grand Union Heights Northwick Road WEMBLEY HA0 1LB (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sun 14 Oct 2018

I fully support this plan and how it will enable local children to access local school.

Mrs Nicoletta Landi 5 Bramley Road Ealing London W54SR (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Sat 13 Oct 2018

Not Available

Mr Nigel Harniman 49 Kingfield Road London W5 1LD (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 11 Oct 2018

I am writing in support of the proposed plans for the school site and building plans.

Whilst acknowledging local residents will be against the siting of a school nearby it is vital for the future vibrancy of the borough that adequate school provision is made close to where the population demand is. Ealing's own research in the Planning for Schools DPD is a normative reference on the expected demand locations.

Many opponents have cited the location of respondents as indicators of the home location of students and thus travel demands. This is incorrect. The correct data should be taken from Ealing's own admissions data, that clearly shows the proximity of home address to the school. Ada has now opened, and empirical data is now available (~1 mile in 2018). Furthermore, in the early years, without academic track record and permanent buildings, parents may be resistant to selecting Ada as their preferred choice, using it as a backup. As the school becomes established, the number of parents making it the 1st choice will likely increase and therefore the distance criteria used for admission will result in a decreasing "catchment" radius. Data from William Perkin is relevant here. Furthermore, the majority of the school places are allocated purely based on distance, not other selection criteria as often incorrectly cited. Given that children in the area served by the school are currently having to travel to Northolt High School (4-5 miles away), the proposed location will significantly reduce the travel demands and thus vehicle congestion and air pollution. Other opponents have unhelpfully cited the Air Audit programme of Christ the Saviour (Cts) school as indicating problems of vehicle movements. This is a poor reference as 1) CtS is a faith based selective school and us such receives pupils from as far afield as Hillingdon. This will not be the case for Ada as pupils will be in the ~1mile radius. 2) CtS is a 1ry school, Ada is a 2ry school. It is expected that the majority of pupils are capable of independent travel by foot, cycle or public transport.

Much discussion has been made of air pollution. If the area is indeed that polluted, we need to be addressing the bigger picture issues. No-one should be forced to attend school or even live in a pollution hotspot and therefore any directives to improve air quality overall are welcomed. Having a school in the vicinity only strengthens the need to make improvements for the benefit of residents too. We have already seen a reduction in the sale of most polluting private vehicles (Society of Motor Manufacturer vehicle registration data) since the introduction of policy changes affecting diesel emissions. We can expect these levels to continue to fall with the improvements to alternate fuel technologies. ULEZ adoption is to be encouraged, and if the analysis shows the North Circular boundary to be an issue, as residents we should push for it to be widened to the M25 for the benefit of the whole of Ealing. Planning for a school is a long term, 75 year+ commitment, and we should not make decisions on short term pollution issues, which are being addressed by both the Mayor of London and local authority initiatives. Note the CtS report pointed to the biggest remediation would be to remove the reliance on natural ventilation of the legacy buildings and the proposed design commended for its proposed ventilation system and using the building as both a pollution and noise shield from the NCR. Having said that, any grant of planning must include conditions to ensure that the adequate pollution screening from the NCR and forced air filtration measures are implemented. If child heath is a significant factor, consideration should also be given to the impacts of long commutes being suffered by the children travelling to Northolt, which is the case today.

There is also much commentary about noise from the open recreation areas. It cannot be ignored that the site has previous lawful use as sports facilities dating back to the 1920's. Whilst there has been a temporary aberration to its use this is short term in the sites near 100 year history and should be insufficient basis to reject the application. Consideration should though be given to the levels of acoustic shielding as part of any grant of planning.

Many objectors have caveated that "we recognise the need for a school on the site" and then object about the traffic flows on/off the NCR. It is hard to see, given the typical single direction flows afforded by the current junction layout, how citing the school at the northern end of the site would result in statistically different journey movements. Furthermore, consideration should be given to the wider impact of children walking/cycling to a local school vs commuting to Northolt.

It is imperative that pedestrian and cycle access is granted to the West of the site onto the network of minor roads. A crossing is needed on the NCR entrance.

Ms Christine Nicholson 43 Hereford Road Acton London W3 9Jw (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 11 Oct 2018

Not Available

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