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201541FUL | Construction of a BMX cycle track with 4 x 15m lighting masts; installation of a single storey structure for equipment storage/welfare facilities; associated hard surface, picnic area, bike racks, compost toilet, soft landscaping and vehicle parking | Longfield Playing Fields Stockdove Way Perivale Middlesex UB6 8TJ
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Mr Mark Lynch 27 Wyresdale Crescent London UB68TQ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 27 Aug 2020

The proposed development is not in keeping with the traditional feel of the Perivale area which already suffers from far too much traffic. This BMX park will destroy an area of natural beauty, increase noise and pollution levels as well as causing more parking issues for the local residents.

Mr John Lynch 27 Wyresdale Crescent Perivale Greenford UB6 8TQ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 27 Aug 2020

This plan involves building on the Brent River Park, a protected area of Metropolitan Open Land. We should keep this protected open land so that everyone can enjoy nature which is important for the physical and mental health of children and adults. This area has lovely old trees and wildlife that should be protected.
Holding events here will be disruptive for the local streets including my street. There are already traffic problems in the area, particularly on the Argyle Road which has traffic queuing for a lot of the day. Events here will make this worse and make driving out of my street even more difficult.
Events here will cause noise pollution, light pollution from floodlights, litter and general disruption in a residential area. It is likely that people attending events will park on the neighbouring streets, creating problems for residents.
This development will change the character of a residential area, destroying a local amenity and an area of protected open land which can never be replaced. Children will lose an area where they can play outside and enjoy nature. Please consider the wishes of the residents of the area.

Mrs Dominique Morgan 115 Church Road Hanwell London W7 3BJ (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 25 Aug 2020

I fully object to this proposal for a new BMX track in this location for the following reasons:
-The site is part of the Brent River Park which is a vital green area in the Borough
-Building on Metropolitan Open Land, on a a 'Site of Importance for Nature Conservation' (SINC) should not be allowed
-At a time of climate change, more thoughts and adequate consultation with experts on where to build this BMX park should
be considered.
-No Environmental Impact Assessment has been produced ie the potential damage to this proposed BMX park area and other local green spaces has not been assessed as they should
-The ecological reports that have been submitted do not adequately reflect the biodiversity interest on the proposed BMX park site
-The action plan produced by Ealing Council regarding Biodiversity has not been considered as it should be

I consider the proposal for this new BMX park inappropriate in location and urge Ealing Council to consider other sites in the Borough

Mr Paul Bombal 216 Meadvale Road London W5 1LT (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Aug 2020

My children have recently been introduced to the current Gurnell BMX track and are loving it. It is great news to read that the new track could potentially be ready next year.

Mrs Kathy Stevenson 26 Abbey Gardens London W6 8QR (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 04 Aug 2020

This is an area of natural habitat for wildlife and green open space for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. The council should not build on open green space for any reason. Once this is approved, the green space is gone forever and the impact on its ecosystem is not being considered. Put the money towards youth programs instead!

Mrs Carole Hand 10 Brentcot Close London W138EH (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jul 2020

I object to building on Metropolitan Open Land. This is an important area for nature conservation. Keep existing BMX track instead.

Ms Samantha O'Connor 35 Hastings Road London W13 8QM (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jul 2020

No special circumstances exist to warrant building on Metropolitan Open Land and a 'Site of Importance for Nature Conservation' (SINC) that forms part of the Brent River Park a vital complete green corridor in Ealing, that should not be eroded at a time of climate change. Further more the proposal has not been considered within the context of a vital Environmental Impact Assessment to meaningfully assess the damage to this vulnerable area and connected green spaces. Building on this site is contrary to Ealing Council's Biodiversity action plan on many fronts including the protection of natural habitats such as these contained in the Habitat Action Plans for Neutral, and Marshy Grassland and hedgerows. The lighting will detrimentally affect the roasting bats that live there, although I can't see any Bat survey's have been undertaken. The ecological reports give a vague and insufficient report as to the actual bio diversity present, they do not adequately reflect the biodiversity interest on the site. Therefore the site is inappropriate for this development and other sites in Ealing should and must be considered.

Ms Katie Boyles 40 St Margaret's Rd, Hanwell London W7 2HF (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jul 2020

Destruction of a SINC and natural habitat loss, another part of Brent River Park 'The Lungs of London' being suffocated at a time of climate crisis and covid19 is unacceptable. Destroying local nature and vital green spaces to make way for an outdated building development not fit for purpose goes against The London Plan and the councils own green policies.

Mr Eric Steven Toft 23 Billets Hart Close Hanwell London W7 2PY (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jul 2020

The proposed BMX track is on land designated as Metropolitan Open Land and a 'Site of Importance for Nature Conservation' (SINC). It is also part of the Brent River Park. Ealing Council is committed to protecting land with this designation. It should be preventing development on this land, not promoting it.

Mr Roy Baker 68 Ealing Park Gardens Ealing London W5 4EU (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 28 Jul 2020

This is an area of natural habitat for wildlife and green open space for the benefit of Ealing's residents, the council should not build on green open space.

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